Classes for Adults (Spanish)

- Private Courses (45 or 90 minutes)


- Group Courses, e.g. with friends (90 minutes)


- Designed according to your requirements and prior knowledge


Together, we agree on what you want to learn. Basic Spanish for your next vacation? Commercial correspondence for your job? Or have you applied for a job and need basic Spanish skills?


Do you want to improve your communication skills? Or do you want to work on your written skills as well? Which level of grammar do you have or need?



In a first consultation we are going to find answers to those questions in order to chose the right learning material. Just don‘t forget that learning is fun and nobody is perfect! (Nobody has to be!) I am happy to support you on your way to better Spanish.


Classes for High School and University Students

- English, French, Spanish, German

- Private Classes (45 or 90 minutes)

- No binding contracts

- Special preparation courses for tests and exams

- Holiday courses

Every student is different and thus has different skills. I have been working with a German language school for years now and I know that there is more to being a teacher than just having a lot of of knowledge. Teachers need to be sensitive and understanding, provide guidance and have a lot of patience.

This is the reason why I have decided to only give private classes. I feel like even in small groups up to five students it is hardly possible to respond to the individual‘s needs and to really get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Before we start, I always carry out an evaluation to check the student‘s weaknesses and decide how to best tackle them. By working together on a regular and intensive basis we elaborate possible solutions, methods and strategies to e.g. fill up gaps in your basic knowledge, build on your vocabulary or to improve linguistic expression.